Cập Nhật Danh Bạ Taxi Mới Nhất Quy Nhơn 2022

Through today's article, we will introduce a few famous and reputable Quy Nhon taxi companies with extremely reasonable prices.

Whenever traveling to other regions and regions. Surely a taxi will be the safest choice for travelers. Let's learn about some reputable taxi companies in Quy Nhon.

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Therefore, please call number 0588 666 777 if you want booking taxi Quy Nhon

• 1 The best taxi in area Quy Nhon you can find and booking 24h Service Taxi

• 1.1 Sun Taxi Quy Nhon

• 1.2 Mai Linh Quy Nhon

• 1.3 Taxi Quy Nhon 24h

• 1.4 Taxi Binh Dinh 24h

• 1.5 Taxi Suni Quy Nhon

• 1.6 Nhon Ly Taxi

• 1.7 Taxi San Bay Phu Cat Airport

• 1.8 Taxi Dieu Tri

• 1.9 Taxi Tuy Hoa

• 1.10 Taxi Phu Yen

• 1.11 Taxi Lotus Quy nhon

• 2 2. Taxi from Phu Cat airport to tourist attractions

• 2.1 How to get a taxi here?

• 2.2 Tax rental price list to tourist attractions

• 3 3. How to catch a bus in Quy Nhon

Taxi companies in the city area

As one of the two largest taxi service companies in the city, Quy Nhon, you will easily see Vinasun Binh Dinh Taxi sright all over the road. Most visitors think that VinaSun Taxi  has good service quality, good cars with extremely reasonable prices. You can refer to the following information to book a car when coming to Quy Nhon.

What's good about Quy Nhon tourism – great travel experiences.

VinaSuni Taxi Quy Nhon Zalo

Call Center:  0522 068 068

Address: Han Mac Tu street, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province

Price: for the first 500m, the price is 10,000vnd and each kilometer will add 14,500vnd, this price applies to the first 30km, from then on, the price will be 9 per kilometer.

• Suni taxi Quy Nhon's car
Mai Linh Quy Nhon ( Zalo Group)

Not less than Suni Taxi Quy Nhon, Mai Linh Zalo is a famous taxi service company with nationwide coverage. Therefore, when coming to Quy Nhon, many tourists also easily trust and choose this Binh Dinh taxi company. With the motto of always putting the quality of its service, Mai Linh always cares about the safety and comfort of passengers on every road.

• Taxi Mai Linh Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Phone number for Quy Nhon taxi company:  1055 or  Group Zalo 0589 079 079

Address: No. Ỷ Lan, Thi Nai Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh T

Taxi Quy Nhon 24h

Although not as famous and popular as the two big companies above, Quy Nhon taxi 24h - 0585 666 777 service is also a well-known company. With the advantage of a local driver, a deep understanding of the roads here combined with attractive prices and quality service is highly appreciated by many visitors.

Taxi Quy Nhon 24h : 0585 666 777
Address: Bien Cuong , Ngo May , Quy Nhon

Binh Dinh 24h taxi

This is a local private business, you can arrange to rent a car by the day for a fixed price. Although this is just a new taxi company, it is loved and popular in Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh markets.

Telephone number of the switchboard:  0588 666 777
Address: Ngo May , Quy Nhon , Binh Dinh

Taxi FLC Nhon ly

With a relatively low price and good service quality, visitors can safely choose Thanh Long taxi for their trips in Quy Nhon.

Cheap Quy Nhon taxi phone number:  0589 068 068

Address: Nhon Ly , Nhon Hoi , Binh Dinh

Taxi San Bay Phu Cat 220k

This is considered a well-known taxi company from Phu Cat airport to Quy Nhon. San bay Phu Cat taxi equips itself with many different types of vehicles to meet the needs of different groups of customers.

You can contact the number:  0588 666 777 to call a  Qui Nhon taxi  to pick you up right at the airport.

Address:  60 vo lai , bien cuong , Quy Nhon
• Cheap taxi Quy Nhon – San bay Phu Cat

Taxi Tour Quy Nhon

Like other car companies, the car company always tries to meet all the needs of passengers through its services.

Hotline number:  0589 079 079

Taxi Dieu Tri

This is Quy Nhon taxi company with parking near Dieu Tri train station area. In order to quickly serve passengers at the train station area, you can immediately call the operator's switchboard to be sent to a Dieu Tri taxi.

Call center number:  0562 27 27 27

Taxi An Nhon

Cheap taxi phone number in Quy Nhon from An Nhon Phu cat : 0588 666 777

Taxi Quy Nhon

With a fairly cheap price, but the service quality is very good, you are also advised on a few places to eat here by the enthusiastic drivers of  Taxi Quy Nhon.

Phone number cheap taxi Quy Nhon: 0588 666 777

Tuy Hoa Taxi Phú yên Taxi

It is a famous Quy Nhon taxi company and widely used by people here. Enthusiasm, affordable price

Phone Number Cheap Taxi Tuy Hoa Phu yen : 0569 666 777